Newアルバム『Rock N All』6月9日発売

Rock N All
2014.06.09 価格 : 1500円(税込)
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01. Kira2
02. Rock
03. I Declare
04. Free Girl
05. Crazy for You
06. Lady
07. Masic
08. Castle Flowers
09. Bleep
10. Love Is The Truth
11. All You Need Is Black
12. Particular
13. Love Is Party
14. Only You
15. Rock (69.mix)

Rock N All全曲試聴

All Songs Produced and Composed by Masaki Ito
Track #15 Remixed by Sexion & Masakey

Masaki Ito : All Keyboards and Programming on All Track
Guitars on #02, #05, #12 and #15

Shotaro Hattori : All Guitar
Chorus on #04, #13 and #14

Ayumi : All Vocal, Voice and Chorus

Bass by Kenbo on #04 and #10

Produced by Masaki Ito

Mixed by Masaki Ito
Assisted by Sexion
Mastered by Sexion & Masakey

Recorded by Shotaro Hattori, Sexion & Masakey
Assisted by Takeshi Udoh

Vocal Directed by Masaki Ito

Production Management by Nextculture Japan
Production Assisted by KEY2BC

Directed by Masakey & Nextculture
A&R Directed by Takeshi Udoh (Nextculture Japan)

Executive Produced by Takeshi Udoh

Art Direction and Designed by KEY2BC & Masakey
Photographs by Kiyohiko Yamazaki(Yamazaki Media Mix Co.,Ltd.), Ponnosuke & KEY2BC
Location Cordinated by
Production Designed by KEY2BC & Masakey

Masaki Ito Management by Nextculture Co.,Ltd.
Ayumi and Shotaro Hattori Management by Nextculture Japan

Special Thanks to Asuka, Keisuke, Kyo, Noriko, Ryotaro, Takahiro, DJ Tera, Yudai & stageAce(DAISHO, NHK G-Media),
and All Masakey Family